Mocking methods that return DeferredResult

I have a controller that returns DeferredResult for asynchronous usage. In the method, I am using a Timer to invoke the task.

My Controller:
public DeferredResult process()
DeferredResult deferredResult = new DeferredResult();
CallbackTask task = new CallbackTask (myProcessor, deferredResult);
timer.schedule(task, 0);“The request is being processed…”);

    return deferredResult;

My CallbackTask
public class CallbackTask extends TimerTask {

public void run() {
ProcessStatus processResult = myProcessor.process();

How do I JUnit test it?
First, I added some Thread sleep time and wait for the result.
The problem is, when the test server becomes too busy, the test would fail intermittently because my async operation is not completed before the first thread is returned.

I then decided to mock the timer.

doAnswer to the rescue!!!

stub the method, here I am stubbing the void method

doAnswer(new CallbackAnswer()).when(the(Timer.class)).schedule(any(CallbackTask.class), anyLong());

private class CallbackAnswer implements Answer
    public Void answer(InvocationOnMock invocation) throws Throwable
        CallbackTask taskArgument = (CallbackTask) invocation.getArguments()[0];;
        return null;

What happens here?

When timer.schedule(…) is called, I am asking the CallbackTask to run immediately. Effectively making it a synchronous call.


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