Custom HttpMessageConverter to accept JSON response with wrong content type

I am using a web service that is serves JSONP. The response content type I get from it is “text/javascript” (which is non-standard, I believe it should be “application/javascript” for jsonp). However, the service can also return JSON, and I am using Spring’s RestTemplate to call this service to return JSON.  This is the error I get when I try to convert it into Map[] objects via rest.getForEntity(targetUrl, Map[].class);

org.springframework.web.client.RestClientException: Could not extract response: no suitable HttpMessageConverter found for response type [LMap[].class;] and content type [text/javascript]

Web service returning wrong content type, causing RestClientException to be thrown, because Spring does not know how to convert such response into the class you want.

Because I know the result will be JSON, I created a custom HttpMessageConverter that behaves the same as MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter, but supports all content types.

public class MappingAnyJsonHttpMessageConverter
  extends MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter {

  public MappingAnyJsonHttpMessageConverter() {
    List list = new ArrayList(1);

Now, tell my RestTemplate to use this message converter

RestTemplate rest = new RestTemplate();
List<HttpMessageConverter<?>> msgConverters =
  new ArrayList<HttpMessageConverter<?>>(1);
msgConverters.add(new MappingAnyJsonHttpMessageConverter());

ResponseEntity<Map[]> response =
rest.getForEntity(targetUrl, Map[].class);
Map[] jsonResult = response.getBody();

No more errors 🙂


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